How to process the side wall of seamless aluminum pipe?

Seamless aluminum tubes are produced by reverse extrusion through perforation of positioning pins. The positioning pins generate pressure at the moment they contact the aluminum rod, causing the positioning pins to swing, causing the tube blank to deviate during the process of passing through the aluminum rod. The extrusion process controls the outer diameter, and the inner diameter and wall thickness are controlled by positioning pins, so the seamless aluminum tube produced will deviate from the wall.

The deviated wall of the seamless aluminum tube causes an elliptical phenomenon during the machining process. The pins are not in place. In some places, the pins are not in place, but in other places, there are too many pins. Even if the turning tool can be turned, the center of the workpiece is not good. How to process it in this situation? There are many types of seamless aluminum tube materials. Series 1 seamless aluminum tubes are mostly used in the refrigeration industry. The material is soft and can be pressed with fins, bent, and resistant to pressure. Series 2 seamless aluminum tubes are mostly used in industrial products. Series 2 has high hardness. Good wear resistance and strong support. Compared with Series 1 seamless aluminum pipes, Series 3 seamless aluminum pipes have a higher hardness than Series 1. In some environments that require strength, Series 3 aluminum alloys need to be used. Compared with other alloys, 4 series seamless pipes are a difficult product. 4 series aluminum alloys have high silicon content, high hardness, difficulty in processing and forming, and relatively special use environment. They are used in major projects such as scientific research projects and nuclear engineering. The relative cost is high. 5 series seamless aluminum tubes are used in seawater environments. Shipyards produce various marine parts. The requirements for marine engineering are 5 series aluminum alloys. 6 series seamless aluminum pipes are used in civil engineering. The 6 series takes into account the rust resistance of the 5 series and the wear resistance and easy welding of the 4 series. It is used in civil engineering. 7 series aluminum alloy seamless aluminum tube is a high-strength aluminum tube with high toughness, high hardness, and light weight. It is used in aircraft manufacturing, aviation parts design, etc.

If the pipe appears elliptical or has a biased wall, you can position the inner diameter and turn the outer diameter during processing. Carry the outer diameter to a certain extent. Of course, do not machine it in place. Set the outer diameter and turn the inner diameter. In this way, the elliptical pipe will become a round pipe after processing, and then proceed further. Once the processing is in place, it’s ready.

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Post time: Feb-27-2024