• Advantages of 6061 aluminum tube.
    Post time: Nov-21-2023

    1. Advantages of welding technology: Thin-walled copper and aluminum tube welding technology is suitable for industrial production. Copper and aluminum tube welding is distinguished from aluminum tube welding. Copper and aluminum tube ...Read more »

  • Precautions for polishing 6061 aluminum plate.
    Post time: Nov-14-2023

    Polishing 6061 aluminum plates requires careful attention to several key aspects to ensure a successful and effective process. Here are some precautions to take: 1.Chemical Composition: Given the alloying elements in 6061 aluminum, particularly magnesium and silicon, it'...Read more »

  • Why does 5083 aluminum plate get the favor of shipping companies?
    Post time: Nov-09-2023

    5083 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Mg alloy, moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good cold processing, widely used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, traffic vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp...Read more »

  • How to solve the staining problem of 5052 aluminum plate?
    Post time: Oct-31-2023

    How to solve the staining problem of 5052 aluminum plate? Today, aluminum panels are increasingly used in construction. Aluminum panels used in buildings include single-layer aluminum panels, composite aluminum panels and other materials. Among them, 5052 aluminum plate ...Read more »

  • What is the difference between 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate?
    Post time: Oct-25-2023

    The difference between 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate is quite large, which is mainly due to the difference in chemical composition and casting process.   1.5052 aluminum plate is AL-Mg alloy aluminum pla...Read more »

  • Characteristics of Extrusion Forming Method.
    Post time: Oct-17-2023

    I. Advantages of Extrusion Forming Method 1.Enhanced metal formability. Metals undergo strong triaxial compressive stress during extrusion deformation, fully leveraging their plasticity, and achieving significant deformation. 2.High overall product quality. Extrusion deformation can improve the s...Read more »

  • Typical uses of 6xxx series aluminum alloys.
    Post time: Oct-08-2023

    Typical uses of 6xxx series aluminum alloys: Alloy Typical uses 6005 Profiles and pipes produced through extrusion, designed for structural components demanding higher strength levels compared to the 6063 alloy. Examples include applications like ladders and television antenna structures. ...Read more »

  • Aluminum alloy knowledge.
    Post time: Sep-25-2023

    Based on different properties and applications, aluminum alloys can be divided into: industrial pure aluminum (L), rust-resistant aluminum (LF), hard aluminum (LY), super-hard aluminum (LC), forged aluminum (LD), and special aluminum (LT). 1.Industrial Pure Aluminum: It has good processing proper...Read more »

  • The types and uses of aluminum alloy pipes.
    Post time: Sep-19-2023

    Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes can be produced using various methods such as hot extrusion, cold extrusion, cold rolling, cold drawing (including coiled tube stretching), cold bending, welding (cold bending + high-frequency welding), spinning, continuous extrusion, and more. Currently, there ...Read more »

  • General properties of cast aluminum alloys.
    Post time: Sep-12-2023

    General characteristics of cast aluminum alloys: ① Good fluidity to fill the narrow gap of the slot; ② Has a low melting point that is suitable for many other metals; ③ Good thermal conductivity, the thermal energy of molten aluminum is quickly transferred to the casting mold, and the casting ...Read more »

  • Precautions for extruding 6082 aluminum alloy profiles
    Post time: Sep-05-2023

    (1) Aluminum alloy cast rod heating method Aluminum alloy casting rods are heated by power frequency induction heating. The characteristics of this heating method are: The heating time is short, and it can reach about 500°C within 3 minutes; Extrusion temperature control is accurate, and the e...Read more »

  • Advantages of Using Aluminum Plain Plate
    Post time: Aug-29-2023

    What is Aluminium Plain Sheet? Aluminium Plain Sheet often presents superior characteristics like a high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent formability and weldability.Aluminium Plain Sheet is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant material commonly used in the automotive industry for various purpos...Read more »

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