What is the production process of seamless aluminum tubes?

The seamless aluminum tube is a feature of the fixed perforation needle reverse extrusion process. Based on the perforation force and the extrusion stroke curve during the fixed perforation needle extrusion process, the fixed needle extrusion process technical route is proposed. 6061 aluminum tube is an important component of the automotive parts system. The aluminum tube extrusion machine currently used for seamless aluminum tubes includes an extrusion box and a cylinder. The heated aluminum block is put into the extrusion box from the feed port. The cylinder starts to work so that the extrusion beam pushes the aluminum rod toward the extrusion direction. The mold moves. The aluminum rod under high temperature has good plasticity. As the temperature of the aluminum rod decreases, the plasticity will also decrease. Under the action of a certain pressure and speed of the extrusion beam, the extrusion pad pushes the aluminum block to generate plastic flow from the extrusion It is extruded from the die to obtain an aluminum tube with the required cross-sectional shape and size; during the extrusion process, since the aluminum rod is under strong pressure in the extrusion deformation zone, its plasticity can be fully exerted to obtain large deformation. Extrusion deformation can improve the metallographic structure and improve its mechanical properties. Especially for aluminum rods with extrusion effects, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of seamless aluminum tubes after quenching and aging are much higher than other processing methods. The extrusion process also has great flexibility in producing similar products. By changing the extrusion die, products of different shapes, sizes and varieties can be produced on one piece of equipment. The operation of changing the extrusion die is simple, convenient and time-consuming. ,efficient.

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Post time: Mar-14-2024